New article about MedTech by Robert Kremser and Adam Paczuski

New article about MedTech by Robert Kremser and Adam Paczuski

We’re happy to share the recent publication of a thought-provoking article authored by our CEO Adam Paczuski and CSO Robert Kremser. The article, titled ‘Diagnoses in Seconds and Ultra-Precise Treatments – How AI Will Change MedTech?’, has been featured in the March-April 2024 edition of Focus on Business Magazine, a leading authority in the business and technology sphere.

In an era where AI's potential is just beginning to be tapped, our leaders explore the promising horizon where healthcare meets cutting-edge technology. Their article illuminates a future where AI not only enhances the efficiency of diagnoses and treatments but also heralds a new epoch of personalized healthcare, accessible right from our homes.

As AI technologies continue to evolve, the article offers a compelling glimpse into how these advancements could significantly shorten hospital queues, elevate healthcare quality, and enable remote treatments.

Read the full article in the latest issue of Focus on Business Magazine and discover the endless possibilities that AI holds for MedTech.

You can read the article here:

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