Software Development

We design and implement software adapted to your needs. Our actions are based on knowledge and experience. Before implementations, we conduct a series of tests to make sure the system we deliver is reliable.


We are a renowned technology supplier for FinTech entities. We specialize in modern payment and banking solutions. Our cashless payment systems are safe and functional.

We do not rest on our laurels – we follow trends and supply modern solutions relying on blockchain and NFT technologies.

AI Technologies

Our systems support business development on a daily basis. We build AI solutions based on the latest Deep Learning and Big Data attainments. Our artificial intelligence methods show dependencies and patterns when classic algorithms prove insufficient.

Why us?

in numerous sectors

We completed projects in the field of fintech, transportation and sport. We were one of few companies to deliver pax terminals to Poland.


We prioritize reliable and intuitive use. Our solutions are strictly adapted to your needs. Our actions are comprehensive to make sure your business is thoroughly supported.

AI - technologies
of the future

Our programming is based on the latest standards. We act on the basis of artificial intelligence that can already replace numerous traditional processes.

Well-coordinated group
of specialists

TSS is formed by programming enthusiasts and new technology lovers. We have already completed a series of ambitious and innovative projects, including AI-based initiatives.

experienced software developers
programming languages
completed projects

Our Certificates

We can confirm our competence through prestigious industry certificates. Thanks to them, you can trust us. We are knowledgeable about and experienced in Visa Ready for Transit and Pay as You Go Mastercard certification.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

A restrictive security standard followed in all fields involving pay cards. This is a gold standard in secure cashless payments.

PAX Terminal Software

We are a strategic PAX partner in the transportation market in Poland. We certify PAX equipment for clients from various lines of business.

Verifone Certificate

We are a certified Verifone developer. We have completed training and been certified as a Verifone Terminal Developer.



Change Management in the Sales Team – How to Effectively Introduce Innovations?

We are pleased to share the latest publication by our CEO, Adam Paczuski. The article, titled „Zarządzanie zmianą w zespole sprzedażowym – jak efektywnie wprowadzić innowacje?” (Change Management in the Sales Team – How to Effectively Introduce Innovations?) was featured on the Focus on Business website.


Webinar: AI and Process Optimization in Busines

Join us for a webinar on June 19, dedicated to the role of artificial intelligence in modern business. Hosted by Focus on Business, the webinar will feature esteemed industry experts: our COO, Katarzyna Kuczyńska, and Wiktor Doktór, CEO of Pro Progressio.


Medicine 3.0 – Adam Paczuski's article for Focus on Business!

Medicine 3.0 aims to transform healthcare financing and business approaches in numerous ways. Don’t miss out on this informative piece by Adam Paczuski that explores how the future of medicine will impact us all.


Easter Wishes from TSS Team

As the holidays approach, we would like to wish you Happy Easter!


New article about MedTech by Robert Kremser and Adam Paczuski

We’re happy to share the recent publication of a thought-provoking article authored by our CEO Adam Paczuski and CSO Robert Kremser in Focus on Business magazine.


Military University of Technology interview with our Vice CTO Karol Antczak

The interview sheds light on the importance of practical knowledge and experience in the IT world.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In the coming year, we wish you every day to be full of inspiration, new opportunities and joy.


Best projects start with a talk

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Are you looking for AI technologies adapted to your business needs? Do you have any idea how you can improve your business through artificial intelligence? Contact us – we will help you make it possible.


  • Do I need to entrust the entire project to TSS?

    Yes – we wish to cover your project thoroughly. This way you do not have to worry about timely completion of the project. Delays often occur when one order is fulfilled in stages by several companies. Entrusting us with the entire project, you can be sure it is going to be fulfilled as per your needs.

  • How can I take the project over?

    The project can be taken over on the basis of a detailed technical specification and collection guidelines that we prepare for you before our cooperation is initiated. Additional functionalities which are not included in the specification will be recorded in annexes to the master agreement. In case of any questions, a dedicated project manager will be at your disposal.

  • Do you guarantee a full cycle (designing, development, testing, maintaining?)

    We do. We handle your order in a comprehensive way: starting from designs, through development and testing, and ending up with further maintenance. Thanks to this, we can provide you with top-quality solutions.

  • What project management methods do you use?

    We carry out large projects on the basis of Scrum elements. With regard to smaller projects, we also use extreme programming (XP) elements. Resting on both methods, we select the elements that prove the most compatible with your project.

  • How can I control the software designing process if I cooperate with you?

    As an ordering party, you have a considerable control over all stages of a solution designing process. We make sure you are allowed to present your ideas and react to changes throughout the process on an ongoing basis. Such a cooperation will help us create an optimal solution that complies with your needs.

  • Who is entitled to the code in your body leasing model?

    We outsource our employees directly to your project. For this reason all rights to the code that the aforesaid employees design belong to the project originator – that is you.

  • How do you settle projects?

    We settle projects on the basis of two models: Fixed Price and Time & Material.

  • What databases, tools, web servers, buffering systems and web frameworks do you use?

    We use a series of database systems, including relation solutions (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server) and no-SQL (MonoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis). When it comes to web servers, we mainly use Apache HTTP Server and nginx. We also use queuing systems, such as RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka.