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The world becomes

simpler when automation

enters difficult processes

We like to make sure seemingly challenging processes become very easy. We have been doing that for a long time, which you can read about in this section.
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    Systems Analysis and Design

    A diagnosis stage at which we identify the system functionality. Systemic requirements analysis so that the final product complies with assumptions.

  • 02

    Software Architecture

    A system architecture organization – especially its components, working environment and rules that specify its structure and development.

  • 03

    Backend Development

    Designing programming facilities for an application or website and taking care of databases and site server. At this stage we are also obligated to optimize the code and webpage operation.

  • 04

    Frontend Development

    Implementation of the system interface project that is going to be user-friendly and functional. Adjustment of views to particular mobile devices.

  • 05

    Cloud Engineering

    Planning, managing, designing and maintaining online services under cloud solutions operating in PaaS and Saas models.

How we work?

In TSS, we always approach our duties diligently. We divide the entire process into several stages so that the final solution is best suited to your business needs.

Consultancy icon


You and us together discuss project guidelines and choose the most suitable cooperation model.

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Scope and quote

We draw up a working schedule that is consulted with you on an ongoing basis. We valuate the project and wait for your approval.

Roadmap icon


Our experts prepare details of the entire project. This allows us to keep the working pace and stick to our goal.

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We get down to work and keep you updated on the work progress at all stages of the task.

Tests icon


While fulfilling the order, we check various scenarios to make sure the final system is error-free.

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We hand the final solution over to you. We implement the ready-made project in your business.


Quote types

Fixed Price

In this model, the project price is fixed. You pay ‘in advance’ for a specific scope of the project that we fulfill within a specific period of time. All you have to do is specify your solution and deliver design documents.

Suitable when:

  • you know exactly what kind of solution you need,
  • your budget is fixed and cannot be expanded,
  • you do not want to interfere in the software developers’ work on the project, or your team is devoid of a person who could take this duty over
  • you wish to have a ready-made product and rely on our team’s knowledge and skills
  • your idea is relatively simple (feasible).

Time & Materials

In this mode, you pay for the actual number of working hours of our software developers. You keep control over the project because we keep on reporting on the work progress. You can change assumptions, develop the project on an ongoing basis and expand your budget.

Suitable when:

  • you still do not know what the final outcome should be – you assume that the idea may evolve in the meantime,
  • your time and budget capabilities are increased,
  • you wish to keep in touch with our software developers regularly,
  • you intend to have a real influence on the final outcome of the solution,
  • your idea is relatively complicated.

Benefits of choosing TSS?

  • comprehensive implementation of the solution we have prepared and you have accepted,
  • an experienced group of specialists who do their best while designing your solution,
  • possibility of monitoring stages of work and suggesting changes as per the working model in SCRUM,
  • use of the latest technologies that guarantee a top-class project,
  • the system that best reflects the details of your business,
  • improvement in business process so that you can focus on your company’s growth.
Your business need is our technological challenge

It is only your decision whether your company is going to catch up with changes in the technology. Now you can take a step forward and develop.