Revolution in the world of vending

Are you looking for a payment terminal which is secure, fast, intuitive and universal at the same time? The impossible is finally possible. See IM30 terminal – an innovative all-in-one terminal. It will perform well wherever you wish to automate payments. See details!

Integrated MDB protocol support

Any problems with compatibility of terminal with vending machine?
Forget about them. IM30 assures integrated MDB protocol support.
Safe and intuitive – convenient to customer and operator.

Integration with payment card

The software will easily integrate with any payment application.

MDB protocol libraries

Integrated libraries for MDB protocol guarantee reliability of the system.

Minimum space – maximum benefits

The terminal takes little space thanks to elimination of MDB protocol converters.

Lower costs

There is no need to purchase additional devices and pay for their servicing.

Wide range of payments

Vending machine users may pay as they prefer – by payment card or via cashless payment systems, e.g. BLIK, Google Pay or Apple Pay.
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
American Express

Plug & Play System

IM30 terminal can be easily installed in the vending machine. Its implementation is simplified thanks to Plug&Play technology.
This translates into further time and cash savings, and lets you improve device activation procedure.

Modern design and ergonomic structure

The terminal looks elegant and solid, and also lets you understand the rule of operation instantly. A touch screen and intuitive menu facilitate payment steps. No more lines of waiting people due to difficulties in using the terminal!

Optional functionalities

Do you need more? IM30 allows you to implement a series of additional functions to facilitate your work.

Monitoring availability of specific device

Informing about unavailability of products

Tracking demand for products in specific locations

Informing about need to service the device

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