The verifiers which support ticket inspection in public transport systems

Ticket inspection is a key element in operation of the public transport. Do you implement electronic city tickets? If so, you also need reliable verifiers.  

TSS selects, configures and implements PAX verifiers in city systems. These are intuitive devices assuring comfortable work and full control. We can implement them in your city/town too.

TSS - Verifiers

Full control and convenient use – it is possible!

We understand your needs. On the one hand – devices with software adapted to the nature of public transport system. The ones which can let you monitor the entire inspection and obtain credible data. On the other hand – user-friendly system supporting the inspection procedure.

The verifiers in question satisfy both criteria. We will select devices which best suit the nature of electronic ticket system you use.

We offer a consistent system which has everything you need.

TSS - Mifare, QR codes, payment cards, city card

Inspection on various ticket carriers

Mifare, QR codes, payment cards, city card – no problem.

TSS - Adaptation of data control

Adaptation of data control

Verifiers will collect information required for the ticket sale organizer. We will adapt them to your needs.

TSS - Registration of inspection

Registration of inspection

The system will record every inspection for reporting purposes. Automatically.

TSS - Payment in case of no ticket

Payment in case of no ticket

The customer has failed to buy a ticket on time? An additional charge may be collected with the verifier. A separate terminal is redundant!

TSS - Devices working over 12 hours

Devices working over 12 hours

Verifiers are ready to support over 12 hours of passengers handling.

TSS - Easy system modifications

Easy system modifications

Do you need specific functions? No problem. We will implement them for you!

We install the inspector’s application on modern PAX Technology verifiers

What makes our devices unique?

TSS - Ergonomic structure

Ergonomic structure

TSS - Comfortable use

Comfortable use

TSS - Modern design


TSS - New-generation devices

New-generation devices

Selected models of verifiers

TSS - PAX A50 verifier


It resembles a regular smartphone in terms of size. Light, mobile and efficient – this verifier performs well in inspector’s workplace. Only 12 mm thick and 163g heavy! It provides a wide range of communication variants (Wi-Fi, GSM, Bluetooth), has an efficient processor and capacious battery, and its use is intuitive

TSS - PAX A77 verifier


Mobile and compact verifier with a vast array of functions. It guarantees very fast 1D/2D code scanning and may also be used as a multi-functional payment terminal (payment by prox card and with PIN). It may also be paired with a mobile printer.

TSS - PAX A920 verifier

PAX A920

The multi-functional verifier with a printout feature. Light and mobile and very efficient at the same time. It grants access to a wide range of payment options, is equipped with a NFC module and a double camera which reads 1D/2D codes instantly.

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