Electronic ticket

Modern cashless payment systems for public transport. Simple and convenient

We allow cities/towns and transport operators to implement an intuitive cashless payment for public transport and more. By payment card. By city card. With QR code. Fast and most convenient to your passengers. In KFT and MTT models. As per needs of your organization.

Electronic ticket in public transport system in your city/town

Let your passengers pay for their journeys conveniently, do not force them to buy a paper ticket. Raise comfort of drivers and customers, and get full control over payment flow.

With TSS, you can implement an intuitive system which will impress passengers, inspectors and operators. Safe, multi-functional and reliable – irrespective of complexity of network of your connections.

See our own public transport system – Payment Gateway.

The solution you need

No more big ticket machines

Forget about ticket machines which take much space and replace them with compact payment terminals.

Lower costs

Economize, do not print paper tickets and do not purchase large and expensive validating machines.

No lines

Potentially deferred payment shortens ticket purchase time. Forget about lines of people waiting by the underground entrances or bus doors.

Various payment methods

Let customers pay by payment card, city card, through mobile application or QR code. No limits.

We use innovative payment terminals which change rules of the game.

PAX IM30 – payment terminal and validating machine in one

PAX IM30 is a compact but powerful device which supports a series of payment methods. It will charge the payment card for the ticket, read MiFare card and QR codes. Intuitive for customers and secure.

Terminal ALL in ONE – lets you purchase tickets in a deferred and standard model

Reliable tickets readout – from payment card, city card and QR code

Large screen = small validating machine – you can read the transportation charge on the terminal display

PAX inspector’s verifier

Mobile and multi-function PAX verifiers facilitate work of ticket inspectors and assure easy supervision of their actions.

Verification of all tickets in one device – payment card, city card, QR code… no problem!

Easy integration with city’s/transport operator’s tariff systems – it guarantees full control over payments for journeys.

Ergonomic and reliable – small and light devices operate up to 12 hours on full charging!

Electronic ticket in parking systems

Convenient and intuitive parking fee system – comfortable for parking customers and inspectors. Such solutions are implemented by TSS. We will deliver equipment and software which will let you easily and conveniently settle all payments. Cashless and intuitive.

Thanks to our development, parking customers will be allowed to pay by their payment cards and assign ticket to their registration plate. The ticket inspector will verify payment through the optical signs identification system. Faster and simpler than ever before.

Simple and intuitive solution

No more large parking meters

Replace large parking meters with compact and multi-functional PAX terminals. Intuitive and secure.

Lower power consumption

Compact PAX terminals need substantially less power when compared to traditional parking meters.

No more paper printouts

A ticket is assigned to payment card or vehicle registration plate. Forget about missing tickets and expenses on paper.

Faster inspection

PAX verifiers automatically read the vehicle registration plates and confirm payments. They also print an additional charge.

Learn more about TSS electronic ticket

Learn more about how our city service payment system works and see if this solution suits you. Call or mail us. You decide!