TSS - Cashless payments you need

Cashless payments you need

Cashless payments have changed the world. Cash is gradually supplanted by payment cards. Life without banknotes and coins gets faster, safer… and just more convenient.

This is why your business needs a reliable cashless system – no matter which line of business you operate in. You need the system that complies with the nature of your actions. It must be user-friendly, yet advanced in terms of functions and security. It must be flexibly adapted to what you do and when you collect payments.

Instead of accepting standardized solutions, choose the one that is tailor-made. We will provide it.

Innovative and convenient payment is our specialty

In TSS, we focus on tailor-made products and payment solutions. For corporate clients, local government units and SMEs. For everyone who needs a reliable smart payments system.

Starting from advanced Smart City ticket systems, through vending systems, ending up with payment terminals for transportation companies.

TSS - Electronic ticket

Electronic ticket

We implement smart and advanced city ticket systems. Fast and convenient payment for your journeys. Effective collection of data on operation of the transportation system.

TSS - Verifiers


We supply intuitive PAX verifiers for public transport systems and transportation companies. They are integrated with payment systems.

TSS - Vending


We provide automatic card or phone sales systems. Innovative PAX terminals support payments in any industry. Regular and mobile.

TSS - IT services

IT services

We are a Polish software house, specializing in top-quality payment and banking solutions. Our specialists will help you in the most important and demanding projects of your organization.

Why us?

TSS - Long-lasting experience

Long-lasting experience

Our team has worked on implementation of the largest cashless payment projects, including implementation of MTT/PaYG systems. We are an authorized and certified PAX partner

TSS - Dedicated solutions


We adapt to your standards, not the other way round. We are flexible and do our best to make sure the payment system we create is safe, user-friendly and provides all functions you need. No compromises.

TSS - Innovative technologies


We are one of few Polish PAX terminal suppliers and strategic partners of this brand in the transportation industry. We provide technologies which are a step ahead of sellers’ and their customers’ needs.

TSS - Well-coordinated group of specialists

Well-coordinated group of specialists

TSS is formed by experts in cashless payments, holding a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all key fields. We have already completed a number of banking implementations and training sessions, and collected certificates confirming our competence.

TSS - PAX terminals cashless payments

We are one of few Polish

suppliers of PAX terminals

and a strategic partner of the brand

for the transportation industry.

Our competence

Our competence is confirmed through prestigious specialist certificates. Thanks to them, you can be sure we are trustworthy. We are knowledgeable and experienced in certification Visa Ready for Transit and Pay as You Go Mastercard.

TSS PAX strategic partner

Designing software for PAX terminals

We are a PAX strategic partner on Polish transportation market. We certify PAX devices for various customers.

TSS certified Verifone developers

Certyfikat Verifone

We are certified Verifone developers. We have completed training and obtained certificates with regard to Verifone Terminal Developer.

TSS Knowledge of PCI DSS certification

Knowledge of PCI DSS certification

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a strict security standard applicable in all environments adopting payment cards. This is a gold standard of secure cashless payments.

Trusted us

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